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Welcome to Gobles Virtual Academy 


Please contact Mrs. Seiler at (269) 628-2113 or via email at for additional information regarding Gobles Virtual Academy.


Gobles Virtual Academy offers parents and students a new, flexible, and powerful way to take individual courses or an entire high-school curriculum, and to earn a high school diploma that fully satisfies the requirements of the Michigan Merit Core curriculum. Students can choose from a comprehensive range of core-curriculum courses, including Advanced Placement (AP) courses for college-credit, or traditionally-paced courses, world languages, and dozens of electives that range from computer programming to art, physical education, music, business, creative writing, and many, many more.

  • Gobles: the program is offered in a partnership with Gobles Public Schools, and students enrolled in the program will be able to choose or not choose to take advantage of the support of local teachers, and a full range of resources and opportunities, such as participation in extra-curricular activities, athletics, or marching band.
  • Virtual: a majority of coursework is done using internet technology in the student's home, or using computers at one of several locations, including on the school campus. Students interact online with the teacher and students enrolled in each course, but GVA students can also choose to interact with other local students and educators as often as needed or desired.
  • Academy: students and parents self-select the course of study that best meets the needs of the student and the educational goals he or she has set. Each student will have an individualized course of study that can be used to support any home-school program or religious training, while at the same time helping that student academically prepare for success after high school.

Because Gobles Virtual Academy is offered in partnership with Gobles Public Schools, there is no cost to students and their families enrolled in the Gobles Virtual Academy. All fees are provided by The State of Michigan through the same full-time equivalency program that funds public school students in Michigan.

For more information contact Phil McAndrew at 628-2113 or email